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Project Structure

This page gives an overview of how the codebase is structured so you can easily dive into the Calendso code.

Calendso is written in Next.js, so you will find that we follow Next.js best practices for structure and layouts.

Basic folder structure#

The project comprises of the following folder structure:

.github/ - GitHub configuration files    ISSUE_TEMPLATE/    workflows/.husky/ - Git hooks.vscode/ - VS Code editor configurationcomponents/ - Application components    booking/    dialog/    team/    ui/lib/ - Reusable code    emails/    events/    forgot-password/messaging/    integrations/CalDav/    teams/pages/ - Most of the project lives here    [user]/ - Booking pages    api/ - The backend API    auth/ - Next-Auth.js and other authentication routes    availability/    bookings/    cancel/    event-types/    integrations/    reschedule/    settings/    team/prisma/ - The database schema and migrations    migrations/public/ - Images and static files    integrations/styles/test/lib/